Gender and Media

{April 1, 2009}   Bridegroom Wanted…

   Bride and BridegroomIn my previous post “ Bride Wanted” I wrote about the advertisement of bride wanted. In this post I want to write about the advertisement of bridegroom wanted. In those advertisements of bridegroom wanted have the requirements of bridegrooms are profession, education, social status and others. The advertisements give brief descriptions of women’s physical structure, such as height, color, hair, age, and their behavior like quietness, pious, family minded etc.  My question is that when the requirements of bridegrooms are their social status, education, and profession why brides’ requirements are their outlook, behavior and such things? Here where is women social status? Is they are only wealth of man? However, these disparity made by some people, media should concern about the matter.


{April 1, 2009}   Bride Wanted

BrideLast night I decided that in this post I will write about the advertisement of “Bride Wanted” in the newspapers. However, fortunately when I read today’s news paper I found an article “ Pattry Chai Biggapone Pattirir Joggotaboly (The Requirement of Bride in the Advertisement of Bride Wanted)” (Prothom  Alo Daily Newspaper, Bangladesh).  In the article author Tapoti Barmon writes some advertisement from newspaper and analyses the issue. I also want to discuss about the fact. In everyday’s news paper some advertisements are very common which are published for wanting bride. In those advertisements they required many quality of a bride. Among those qualities their main requirements are on outlook, pious, quiet, polite, and family minded than their education and other qualities. Even though, the bridegrooms 37- 40 years old, they want young women who have those quality. Here, those advertisements represent women in a open market like a product. When any woman does not have those qualities she becomes frustrated. Momentarily her dreams break down when she reads those advertisement. I think people who write that kind of advertisement are responsible for decline the value of women. Although media are not responsible for those advertisements, they should concern about those kind of advertisement.

MonpuraIn the post “Dress up of Male and Female Actor” I talked about how the dress up of a female actor ruins our tradition.  After that blog my teacher asked me some questions. These questions are “Who is responsible for these types of portrayal? Isn’t the general public responsible too because they are the ones purchasing and supporting the artists?”  Yes, some general public also responsible for it. However, if we reflect the past we can see that past’s movie were more demandable than now. Many old movies we can enjoy with whole family, but at present it is vary shameful to watch movie with our parents for the nakedly representation of female actor. Some lower minded people appreciate those movies, not all general people. There are some movies that all people appreciate. Those movies are famous for story, acting and other things not for nakedly representation of female actor.  “Monpura” is one of those movies. I appreciate the director to make these kinds of movie.

{March 25, 2009}   “RAPE”

In my previous post “Question of Life and Death” I wrote a story about a raped girl. This post I would like to give my opinion. When it is a question of life of death media should not publish any picture of any raped women. Television channels have already stopped to publish news about rape. However, I do not want to stop the sector. We need the sector to solve the issue being raped, but media like newspapers need some conservation. Instead of describing the raped girl they should write more about that people who are involved with this disgusting crime. In Bangladesh no women are safe from being raped even five to 45 years old. Parents are afraid to send their daughter to school, outside of their home.  Bangladesh is in the list of developing country, if the situation going on it will never include on the name of developed country. Moreover, as a media newspaper bears a big responsibility to solve the issue through taking government and authorities’ concentration to think about it. Therefore, instead of describing harmful things news paper should describe those things which could help to solve the issue “RAPE”.

{March 18, 2009}   Question of Life and Death..

Rape is common news of Bangladeshi newspapers. We often see rape in the front page as highlighted news. Sometimes newspapers show picture of a raped women. When a woman raped she already faces the physical harassment, but when the picture and the details is shown to the all people through newspapers the woman harasses for the second time by other people. A newspaper provides all the minor details about the incident.

When I was in grade 12, I read a newspapers article. (Sorry that I forget the name of the news paper) The article was written about a raped school girl who committed suicide a few days ago. The girl committed suicide because of unnecessary publication of news paper. The girl was raped few days ago, and a reporter went there and took her and her families interview then published it with her picture. After that the girl could not go outside, because everyone look at her with a criticize eyes. She felt shy to go outside. She stopped to study and the most sadness that her boyfriend refused her to marry. Therefore she committed suicide.

It is important to let people know about the incident of rape, but sometimes it could be a question of life and death.



PurnimaBangladesh is a Muslim country, so we have some conservation. Our traditional dresses are shari and Pazaima-kameez for women. But now some movies represent women very nakedly which is very embarrassing for our culture. But they always represent men with very well dressed. My question is when men act in films with covering whole body, why should female act nakedly? Therefore, I would like to suggest that instead of destruct our tradition they should represent our traditional dress.

{March 18, 2009}   Women and Products

big_6_184_14951Now-a-days women become a product in the market of advertisement. Media represents women like a product with other products. Just an example of those advertisements is “Tomar oi reshmi kalo chul dekhe pagol ami hoboito (I will be crazy for your hair)” This is a part of a lyric of an advertisement of coconut oil.  In the advertisement the male model sings the song to see the hair of the female model. Although the focus of the advertisement is on the quality of oil, the audiences focus on the beauty of the model. Sometimes people encourage buying the products for the model. These kinds of advertisement represent women as like as a product to the audience.           

Tumi haslei jeno ak Phali chand na hassle purnima sundrytoma (If you laugh it seems like half moon and if you don’t laugh it seems full moon my dear)” It’s an advertisement’s lyric of soap. The purpose of the director is to increase the popularity of the product. The products get popularity and with that the model also becomes a product to the audiences. When people buy the soap they also buy the picture of the model on the packet of the soap. These two advertisements are just examples. There are many advertisements like those.

{March 12, 2009}   Harassment

MusicThere is a proverb in Bangla that “Those people who do not love song and flower they are not counted as human being.” I think everyone likes to listen to music and songs less or more. There are various kinds of songs. Romantic songs are also well known. However, when I hear a Bangla romantic song, I feel shame.  Most of the romantic songs which are sang by male singers, usually the description about beauty of women. “ Oi thuti chokh zeno zale vasa padma jato dekhi trisna metenaa. Viru thuti banka thonte purnima chand othe haslei jhare pare josnaa. Ami ai rup dekhe jemon morte pari temni pari ogo banchte. (Those eyes seems floating lotus, I have never fulfill my thirsty by watching it. On the worried curving lips moon rises, if she laughs water falls from her lips. As I can die for this beauty, I can live too)” is an epitome of that kind of songs.  A famous singer sang this song. This song is full of describing a woman’s physical structure. We have lots of songs, which describe women nakedly in a sexual way. I think these kinds of songs are one kind of harassment for women. My question is that when none of female singer sings about any man’s physical structure why male singer should sing this kind of songs?

book11I like to pass my leisure time by reading books. I usually read all kinds of books like romantic, detective, poems, fictions, non fictions and others. I felt upset when read romantic books. Most of the writers describe nakedly when they introduce any female character in a story. Even though the writer male or female. If male I can say that they like to show women’s body. When female writers write about that they could not understand how they harassing themselves through their writing. Actually when I read any book my mind create picture what the author describe in the book. I have never read that kind of books with a description of their physical structure (except health or medical related). I guess all readers try to make an image what they have read. Therefore, when a writer introduces a woman we already get a picture about it. However, when some writers explain the body structure very nakedly. Reader can get every single organs image in their head. If the readers are men imagine what they could visualize?

          These kinds of story books are enough to teach people that what way they should think when they meet with any woman.

{March 11, 2009}   Husband vs. Wife

I will share a famous movie in Bangladesh. I will not tell the name of the movie. The story of this movie is like that. The heroin is a very childish, uneducated, ugly and a poor girl in a rural area of Bangladesh. Suppose the name of the heroin is Tuny (do not think in this movie her name was Tuni, but to make the story easy I will call her Tuni.) One day the landlord of the village was going to sink in a river. She helped him, so the landlord returned from his certain death. The landlord was satisfied with her. Therefore, he wished to give marry Tuni with his son. His son studied in a city. Suppose his name was Tom. Tom was an educated person as usual he did not want to marry an uneducated girl. He compelled to marry her. He did not love his wife, because he loved someone else. On the other hand, like other Bangali women Tuny tried heart and soul to get her husband’s love.

 They came to city to live separately and continue Tom’s study. When anyone comes in their new house, Tom introduces his wife as a maidservant. One day they faced an accident. After the accident Tom lost his wife. He was very happy, so he did not try to find his wife. What about Tuni? Tuly (Tom’s girl friend) and her mom found Tuni. Tuni told her story to Tuly’s mom. Tuly’s mom was a social worker. She made Tuni modern, educated and smart. Then, Tuni became fair and beautiful. Tuni changed her name. Therefore, Tom left Tuly and fall in love with the new girl. He did not know that Tuni was the new girl. Tom wanted to marry her. Finally, he understood that the new girl was Tuni and Tuni absolved him.

 The director focused the real life of a woman. However, I am upset because the heroin changed herself for her husband. She was that much starved for love so she changed herself. Why she did not change herself for her life? The movie reflects the weakness of women that they can do anything for their husband instead of showing the strength of an independent human being.

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